We Are Only Human

Do you ever get that feeling that you’ve taken on too much? That you’re overwhelmed with tasks and deadlines and commitments?

 I’ve had this feeling the past couple of months. I try to be as well rounded as possible, but sometimes it gets to be mentally draining. Every once in a while it’s important for me to evaluate my goals and time commitments and adjust my schedule to make life more manageable!

Yesterday, I decided to give up my position on a youth council that I was a part of. Although I fully support what the council does, it just doesn’t rank as high as my other priorities. Of course, family and school come first. After that is my officer position in the National Honor Society and then my fitness. Juggling the council along with that just got to be too much.

We have to realize that we are only human. Sometimes we might take on way too many things at once in an attempt to be as well rounded as possible. But, this gets to be stressful! When we focus too much on pleasing everyone else, we forget to leave time for ourselves and our personal interests.   I’ve decided that I want to set aside more time to do the things I want. One of which is this blog! Inspiring others through fitness and health is a huge passion of mine, so why not spend more time doing it?

Be sure to leave some time for yourself! Your sanity will thank you 🙂

This morning I set aside some time to myself by going out for a run! It was a great stress reliever to start off my Friday! Runs are always great for clearing your mind and making you feel good.

 I also have a morning ritual where I enjoy a cup of coffee with no distractions or worries! Just me and my Keurig (aka BFF) 🙂

Enjoy your Friday!!!

How about you?

  • Have you ever had to give anything up due to a lack of free time?
  • What’s your best advice for managing a hectic schedule?
  • How do you deal with stress?

3 thoughts on “We Are Only Human

  1. Sounds like you made a great decision. Kind of like the peanut butter affect. Spread yourself too thin and than you can’t do anything at your full potiential. But you have so much going for you.! 17 or 18.!? and you’re already so dedicated and determined.! Great job 🙂


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