Thursday Thoughts

Here’s an arrangement of Will’s random thoughts of the day!

Easter leftovers make great lunches.

If you eat half of the bag of SkinnyPop in one sitting, it probably counteracts the name “SkinnyPop,” but oh well 🙂

Rock n Roll San Diego is in 51 DAYS!! YAY!

I seem to leave for school later and later each day. I left at 7:00 at the beginning of the year. Is junioritus a thing? I’m not a vegetarian, but Chipotle sofritas are on point. I’m still drooling over this bowl from last night. My friend and I are experts at creating comics for Spanish class. I have a feeling we could make money off of this. Half way through BodyAttack last night I realized there was a teeny tiny rock in my shoe. I didn’t want to stop and take it out. Ouch. I despise key terms.

Tomorrow’s FRIDAY!!!

How about you?

  • What are your random Thursday Thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. That sofritas looks darn good.! I’ve never ate at chipotle though..hmm.
    and your spanish is on point 🙂 ha
    Random Thursday Thoughts.. I’m going to fall asleep at work today. oh wait that’s not random. That’s everyday. ahh


    1. Chipotle is great! I do think I like Cafe Rio a teeny bit more though 🙂 Have you ever been to Cafe Rio?

      Haha coffee is what powers me through the school day without sleeping!! My keurig is my bff!

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      1. Nope, I don’t think there’s a cafe rio anywhere close to me.. hmm that I know of. There is a chiptole though.! and the keurig used to be my bff too 😦 until it broke just like a week after I got it. aughh idk if I want another one

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