BodyPump 93 is here…and it hurts so good!

Yesterday, LVAC launched BodyPump 93! BodyPump comes out with new releases every quarter of the year to keep things new and exciting. Each release has different music and exercise moves, and 93 has some good ones! I’m feeling it this morning!   Naturally, I had to take a #bodypump93selfie with these awesome instructors. We love BodyPump!

If you aren’t familiar with BodyPump, it’s basically weight training in a group fitness setting. In a 60 minute class, you work every major muscle group to exhaustion with high repetitions and low weights. It’s a challenging, yet fun, workout that caters to body builders and amateurs alike!

Here are my thoughts on the new release:

Warm up: Break Free (Ariana Grande feat. Zedd)

I like it! It has all of the typical warm up moves, plus work with the single plates to warm up the shoulders (which is much needed. The shoulder track is KILLER.)

Squats: Booyah (Lucky Date Remix by Showtek)

Huge heart rate booster! I was working up a sweat by the end! This track has 4 sets rather than the usual 3. The combination is a single squat and then a down and hold squat. Holding the squat position forces your muscles to work harder to sit back up. Great track!

Chest: Kings and Queens (Thirty Seconds to Mars)

No bar in this track, just single plates. This track is big on tempo and stresses “time under tension.” It’s very slow, but effective. You finish the track with a surprise challenge, leaving you feeling like a beast!

Back: Here Tonight (Dash Berlin & Jay Cosmic feat. Colin McLoughlin)

This track was fairly easy compared to BodyPump 92’s back track. I would definitely recommend challenging your weights a little bit. The moves are pretty standard: dead lifts, dead rows, clean and press, and power press.

Triceps: Bang Bang (Jessie J, Ariana Grande, & Nicki Minaj)

No bar in this track. There are tons of overhead tricep extensions, tricep push ups, kickbacks, and more tricep extensions! Quick transitions leave little time for breaks, you’ll be feeling it towards the end!

Biceps: Centuries (Fall Out Boy)

Again, no bar in this track! Just a LOT of mid and full range curls with the plates. The break is REALLY short, too. The biceps are screaming at the end!

Lunges: 1941 (Klaypex feat. Virian)

Last night’s class was a 45 minute version, so the lunge track was skipped. But I heard it’s VERY intense 🙂

Shoulders: Twisted (Fedde le Grand)

One word: Ouch. There are seven, I repeat, SEVEN big sets in this track. You start with push ups, but that’s the easiest part. There are three sets of overhead shoulder presses with the bar. Trust me, you’ll be wobbly by that third set 😉 Then you pick up the plates for side raises and rotater raises, set them down for a millisecond, and do it again. You end with everyone’s favorite: push ups again! My shoulders are dead today!

Abs: All About That Bass (Meghan Trainor)

In the 45 minute version, abs were skipped as well. But, the class was followed by CxWorx (which just launched release 18) and it is all core. The new release for that class was nice and tough as well!

Overall, 93 is a challenging but fun release! 94 comes out this summer, which is the release I’m getting trained in! YAY! I can’t wait to get my assigned tracks so I can start learning it 🙂

After driving home (my arms were noodles), a reward was much needed for all of the hard work!

These things are extremely addicting.

I’ll be at the gym again tonight for some more BP 93! I can’t get enough of this class. If you haven’t tried it, I HIGHLY recommend it. You’ll become addicted!

How about you?

  • Do you attend BodyPump classes? What do you think?
  • What’s your favorite post workout treat?

6 thoughts on “BodyPump 93 is here…and it hurts so good!

  1. My gym has a class similar to Body Pump, but is called Group Power. We do a lot of similar moves. I absolutely love it and feel myself getting so much stronger since I started back in October! After workouts, I love getting a flavored coffee from a nearby coffee house (only if I do a morning workout before work!) Sounds like this release is a killer!


    1. That’s awesome that you’re seeing results in your class! I definitely have noticed some more muscle definition and improvement since I started BodyPump! I’m addicted now 🙂

      I love flavored lattes from Starbucks! Vanilla lattes are my absolute favorite. I like to treat myself after long runs!

      The release is a great one. If you ever get the chance, I would highly recommend checking BP out at a gym that has it!!


  2. I am going to be training in 2 weeks and the two tracks I have to present are the most challenging on this new release BP93.. I”m more concerned with track 8 shoulders because I did get muscle fatigue :\


    1. That track is killer! As long as you lower your weight a little bit you should be fine! I’m crossing my fingers that I get squats or lunges when I go to BP 94 training. I have great leg strength but I have to work on my upper body strength! Lol.

      Good luck at training! You’ll kill it!!


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