Switching it Up

Every once in a while it’s fun to change up my workout schedule and do something different! Sticking to the same routine week after week can get boring and repetitive, so it’s good to switch things up here and there!

This morning, I met up with a friend of mine for a hike at Mt. Charleston. We took the Mary Jane Falls trail. At the top there’s a “waterfall.” (It barely qualifies, but is different from anything in Vegas 🙂 ).

It was VERY cold by Vegas standards. The car said 33 degrees! The cold wasn’t noticeable once we got started though. Plus, the near freezing temperatures made this awesome view possible. The snow isn’t quite gone yet! 

We decided that we need to go on way more hikes. They are fun and a great workout! According to my Fitbit, we climbed the equivalent of 130 floors to get to the top! Summer is coming, so there will be plenty of time for finding new trails.We worked up quite an appetite, so carbs were much needed. IHOP pancakes, I think yes! The rest of the day was spent preparing for Easter dinner tomorrow. Perfect excuse for a Trader Joe’s trip! I picked up supplies for my side dish tomorrow (plus a few additional things. I had to get my Ezekiel bread of course!!)  

I’ll be making this quinoa recipe tomorrow (found on Pinterest). It’ll be my healthy contribution to the meal 🙂 I’ll let you know how it goes!

My dad barbecued for dinner tonight. I love to show variety in my meals. Just kidding, I requested salmon even though I had it last night. It’s just too good to pass up! I think I might turn into a salmon some day. 

And before you go, enjoy this accurate description of me after a really long run 🙂 

How about you?

  • Do you like to vary your workouts or stick to the same plan each week?
  • IHOP or Denny’s? (Or any other breakfast place)
  • What is your favorite thing to barbecue?

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