Fab Friday

Happy Friday!! You made it, the weekend is almost here! Sadly, spring break is coming to an end 😢. I’m ready to get back to the daily grind, though, and finish 4th quarter strong! Only 43 days left of school, but who’s counting? (Me)

Some completely random things that made my Friday fabulous:

1. 10 mile run. They always make me smile 🙂

2. Long run fuel. Apparently my love of coffee is evident even in my Gu selection.

3. My late fees at the library were only EIGHT DOLLARS! I figured I was going to have to sell an organ. I’d rather not talk about how late the books were. Let’s just say they were for a research paper that I turned in over a month ago…

4. Almond Butter (It’s 8383829294838xs better than peanut butter). I go through these jars at an alarming rate.

5. BodyPump and CxWorx. Gym time always puts me in a good mood.

6. Acai Bowls!!! This is the first quality Acai Bowl I have found in Las Vegas. Yum! (To all my Vegas people, this was from Acai to the T in Summerlin. I highly recommend it!) One not so fab thing about Friday: I had to drive through TWO roundabouts to get to this place. I may have cried a little bit. It was worth it though.

7. Olive Garden. Minestrone soup and Salmon for dinner = happiness!!!

8. Modern Family. This is my all time favorite show. I spent the evening catching up, I fell very behind this season!

I don’t find it weird at all that half of the things on this list are food. A runner’s gotta eat! 🙂

I have to give a quick shoutout to my sister. She spent today showing off her skills at a college soccer camp in CA! She’s only 14, but she’s a stud! It runs in the family 😉

How about you?

  • Do you use Gu during your long runs? Favorite flavor?
  • The great nut butter debate: Crunchy vs. Creamy. Which one do you prefer? (TEAM CRUNCHY!!!)
  • What made your Friday fabulous?

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