Never leave me unattended

No running or gym for me today! I took it easy and just went for another walk. Gotta give those muscles time to recover after destroying them earlier this week!

Rest is so important, even for the fittest of people. I learned this one the hard way during the fall. I was overtrained and ended up having to take a few weeks off of exercise. As you can imagine, I didn’t much appreciate that!

So, to avoid overtraining I take one rest day per week (sometimes two). The most exercise I ever do on these days are walks to loosen up my legs. Who doesn’t love taking a nice walk around the state park? (That is, when the birds aren’t attacking you. Those things can be vicious.)

My family made a HUGE mistake by leaving me unattended today. They should know by now that this is a bad idea. Whenever I’m left alone I go on big health food adventures. I’m going to have to get some self control when I go off to college 🙂

First stop of my adventure: Starbucks for some green tea! The barista made my day. You may now refer to me as “Sir. Will” 

Next was Target where I found Kodiak Cakes Protein Pancake mix. I’ve seen this all over Instagram! I can’t wait to try it myself!  

Then I went to Fresh and Easy. I showed some self discipline and didn’t buy anything, but many things caught my eye. I’ll be back there soon for sure 🙂

To finish off my health food extravaganza, I met my Grandma at Panera for dinner. I could have Panera every night of the week. They’ve got me hooked.

My grandma is better than yours. Deal with it.

Tomorrow is a long run day again (aka the best days of the week!) I’ll be up bright and early for a 10 miler to start off my Friday 🙂  I hope everyone had an amazing day!

How about you?

  • How often do you take rest days?
  • We all love our Starbucks baristas, but have you ever had your name butchered by them?
  • What is your favorite workout that you did this week?

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