The results are in…

I got my SAT scores this morning and…

*drum roll*

Not too shabby!! I do wish I had scored a little bit higher on the critical reading, but I still have time to take it again! Chances are I’ll retake it in the fall to see if I can improve my score.

It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders after getting these scores back. The SAT is really important for college acceptance. In fact, it seems like your whole life depends on this test sometimes. So, it’s extremely reassuring that I did well.

For any fellow teens that are taking the SAT anytime soon, here are a few tips.

1. Prepare, but don’t go too crazy.

It’s a good idea to study for the SAT and get used to the types of questions on the test. At the same time, you don’t want to over prepare and burn yourself out. 15 minutes a day is about all you need. Take advantage of the practice problems on College Board!

2. Take care of your body. 

Going into the SAT is like going into a marathon. You have to prepare yourself mentally and physically! Eat a healthy and filling dinner and get a good night’s rest. If you’re an early riser, maybe get some light exercise in on test morning. I went for a run before my test and felt awake and energized! Also eat a healthy and filling breakfast.

3. Budget your time. 

The SAT has very strict time limits for each section. Don’t spend too much time on one question. If you are stuck on a question, skip it and come back to it if there’s time.

4. Be smart when answering.

The SAT is a unique test in that you lose points for wrong answers. So, guessing isn’t always recommended. The general rule is that if you can’t eliminate two or more of the answer choices, don’t answer the question at all. If you can eliminate a few choices, though, you should take your best guess.

5. Bring plenty of snacks.

You will have three 5 minute breaks during the test. Bring water and snacks to have during these breaks. The last thing you want is to have a growling stomach during the test!

6. Research

After the test, research the requirements of your potential colleges. If you know what scores they are looking for, it will be easier for you to form a plan when you get your scores back.

7. Stay positive!

If you don’t get the scores you wanted, don’t worry! Your life isn’t over yet! You have plenty of opportunities to retake the test, and most students that retake it get higher scores the second time around!

How about you?

  • Anyone taking the SAT anytime soon?
  • SAT or ACT: Which one is easier?

2 thoughts on “The results are in…

  1. Good job.! your math scores are impressive. I took my SAT my senior year.. idk why. lol. I went to a community college, but was still interesting to see my scores


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