Sunday Run-day

It’s Sunday so you know what that means…long run!! Long runs are my fave, I look forward to them all week!

Pre-run snack is pure carbs. No matter how many times I’ve tried, me and protein don’t get along while running.

My run was a total of 10 miles. I got an early start so I could run with the sunrise and avoid the fabulous summer temperatures (in March. Gotta love Vegas.) The morning is my absolute favorite time to run! I love the feeling of getting hard work in while everyone else is sleeping πŸ™‚

Once I finished, I did this plyometric strength routinue. I try to do it at least three times a week after my run. It helps strengthen the ankles, shins, and legs to keep you injury free! I’ve worked up to 20 repetitions per exercise, but you can always start with 10-15 until you get the hang of it.

  • 20 hops for distance off each leg
  • 20 hops for height off each leg
  • 20 hops for distance off both legs
  • 20 backwards hops off both legs
  • 20 side to side hops
  • 10x 360 degree jumps each side (20 total)

I follow this with a walking routine for ankle and shin strengthening. Each one should be about 20-30 yards.

  • Toe walks inwards
  • Toe walks outwards
  • Toe walks straight
  • Toe walks backwards
  • Heel walks inwards
  • Heel walks outwards
  • Heel walks straight
  • Heel walks backwards

After my refueling sesh, I headed to the gym for some Cxworx. Unfortunately, the class was canceled, but YouTube came to the rescue! I found a 30 minute ab video from Hasfit. I love their videos!

Today was a busy day! I went to my sisters soccer game (almost died of heat stroke) and then to the skating rink for my cousin’s birthday party. I haven’t been to the roller rink in forever, it brought back tons of middle school memories (I know, ew right?)

The day ended with a family dinner at BJ’s for my dad’s birthday. BJ’s is one of my favorite restaurants! They have some of the best salads, I got the Kale and Brussels Sprouts salad with chicken. No pizookie though, I wasn’t feeling a cheat meal tonight 😜.

The thought of not having to go to school in the morning is absolutely amazing. I’m so sorry to everyone that has work/school tomorrow! I’ll try not to rub it in too much πŸ˜‰.

Since it’s Sunday I’m going to post my workouts from the week. My mileage was a little lower than planned, but I still had a nice week of workouts!

  • Monday: 45 min RPM Cycle class
  • Tuesday: 6 mile tempo run (2 miles easy, 3 miles @ 6:30ish pace, 1 mile easy) and BodyPump
  • Wednesday: 5 mile run, 30 min HIIT class, CxWorx
  • Thursday: 5 mile run, BodyPump, CxWorx
  • Friday: Off! Just walking around six flags.
  • Saturday: BodyPump
  • Sunday: 10 mile run, 30 min ab video

Total Mileage: 26

How about you?

  • Favorite time of the day to run?
  • What is your typical pre workout meal?

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